Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mystery of abandoned female Labradors in Mumbai- unfolded

   A year old female lab was cruely abandoned  by the owners immediately after she delivered pups. Very friendly and healthy. Available for adoption. Does this classified seem familiar? Who cares? Sigh! I read them everyday somewhere or the other. Is that your expression after reading such classifieds then I don't blame you. When you must have seen the classified for the first time you must retaliated by cursing the owner. But, now with each passing day it no longer holds interest as we the people of 'Mumbai' love to move on. Whether it is an attack by the terrorist or a flood we know how to get back to business after shedding tears and cursing the government. Have you ever pondered as a human, Why huge number of female Labs are abandoned for no fault of theirs? Is you have shed a tear or cursed the owner , then you have the right to question . You have the right to know the truth as an individual. Adopting and re homing abandoned Labs is just a temporary solution. How many are you going to adopt? How many will be re homed? There should be an end to this practice , but how? When you don't know the facts .How will you find a solution when you can't reach to the root cause of the problem? 

    I had a telephonic conversation with a lady some days back who had found an abandoned female lab. She casually mentioned it to me about her experiences about the callers who bombarded her with calls for adoption. Some callers wanted to know where are the pups so that they could adopt one. There were few others who argued with her as in why she got the Lab sterilized. They wanted the Lab to have pups in future. Is this our attitude towards traumatized animal mother whose pups must have been take away with force? The mother would couldn't even cry out aloud and talk about her pain. The mother who doesn't even know whether her pups are safe. Also the one who not could feed her pups or love them enough. Are we humans?

        Think before you give your healthy female Lab or adoption or sell it at a cheap price because it is a female. If a person approaches you with his chaste english doesn't mean he is going to be the right pet parent. People who are new to adoptions and who put their Labs for adoptions don't even do the background check. A mere telephonic interview or a 5 minute conversation is not enough to judge a person. How can you hand over your animal babies to them without proper verification? You might protest , we took the documents, I have all the photocopies of the address proofs and photo identity proofs .  I won't say well done, good job as  60% of the times the photocopies of the address proofs are fake. A certain person painted the Facebook red by mentioning about how he gave his beloved female Lab pup for adoption , the person gave him fake documents and now the person refuses to even answer his calls. If  you know that in a crowded place your wallet can be flicked won't you be vigilant. Will you allow the thief to rob you? Whom will you curse for the negligence yourself or the thief? 
       Many female lab puppies or dogs between 8 months to a year land in slums. This dogs are under fed as most slum dwellers are in hand to mouth condition. Medical attention? That is taboo as when there is no money to feed the dog how can they provide even basic medical expenses. This people have tie ups with the watchmen of the buildings, dog walkers or maids/house helps of affluent or upper middle class families who have healthy breed dogs. The dogs are mated and the booty that is got by selling the pups is shared equally. The slum dweller feels he no longer needs the dog as he has got his due, he just abandons the dog somewhere. What is even more shocking is that there are cases where some  families themselves indulge into this. They don't care whom they mate their dog with. They either distribute the pups amongst their family and friends or sell them off.  Shocking, isn't it? An under fed , unhygenically kept female Labs cannot give birth to healthy pups . But, who cares as long as your getting a free pup from your friend  or relative or getting it for a very cheap unbelievable price. Couple of months back I read a classified that mentioned Lab pups at a very cheap price. Aren't you interested in knowing the price? It was mentioned 2000 Indian rupees, many must have fallen as a bait to such classifieds. 

    The question is how to combat this. There should be a solution to end this problem. The most viable and feasible solution would be take help of people who are into animal welfare from some time. They are humans, they might do mistakes but at least they can help you with the proper background checks. If a person comes across as too friendly or pushy set your guard on. Always sterlise the dog that is above 8 months or if you don't wish to shell out the money for sterilization request the family to sterilize it. Pay regular home visits, i.e every month for 3 months, after the 3rd month visit the family every 3 months. Keep regular telephonic conversation with the family and also help them with medical guidance if necessary.  Secondly, if your friend is getting their dogs mated just because the male dog is on heat , encourage them to get their dog neutered. This will keep the dog healthy for a lifetime and save it from various forms of cancer. If you cannot convince take help of a local animal activist. Spread a word and save life.

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